Sandra Venneri

Epicure has been in my life since I was invited to a tasting party 15 years ago. With a Sciences degree in Nutrition, I was immediately interested in how healthy these tasty products were compared to the regular grocery store items. Healthy AND delicious?!! - I was sold.

As a single mom of two growing girls, I started to teach nutrition. Becoming an Epicure consultant was a natural addition to my business. It has given me a chance to share my love of food & healthy living with others - changing one plate at a time.

Epicure lets me be able to feed my family and yours quickly while maximizing nutrition and taste! I love offering advice to my customers because I am well educated in Nutrition.

My goal is to serve & support my valued customers in so that healthy food & cooking is easy again! I want to help every home, office and school have a healthier & happier day. Epicure helps us all have an Epic Life!

Let me know how I can help you!